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Easily receive, track, & respond to data access requests for your users to comply with GDPR and CCPA.
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Make Data Access Requests Simpleeasily manage data subject access requestsPrivacy Page easily integrates with most tools

Build trust with every data request

Simplify the process of responding to your users' data requests and stay compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy laws.

Don't violate GDPR

Keep your users happy

Give your users a simple way to request access to the data that you store on your website.

Comply with GDPR

Improve compliance

Ensure compliance by keeping track of response deadlines for requests from your users.

custom privacy page to handle data access requests

Branded Privacy Page

Beautifully designed customer facing privacy pages with your own brand front and center.

take charge of dsar requests

Easy to manage

Our platform is designed to simplify the entire process of verifying users and responding to their requests.

track, monitor, and fulfill data access requests

Get your own branded privacy page for your company today.

allow users to easily request and download their data

Easily comply with data privacy law requirements

Privacypage will help your company follow the data access request requirements for GDPR, CCPA, and others. Keep track of request types, automatically verify user identity, and track response deadlines easily.

verify user identity

Auto verify identity

Privacypage will verify user identities to avoid fraud.

maintain GDPR compliance

Stay compliant

Track requests and respond within the required timeframes.

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